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Wolf Drake Variant 1

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Age of Sigmar compatible - 60mm x 35mm oval base.

Every single creature in the jungle thinks twice before entering a water filled marsh or river after the solar flare, and there is a very good reason for it! WOLF DRAKES!!These irritable beasts lurk across swamps and rivers with their fierce appetite and predatory instinct.

Although most blame their existence as a result of the flare; It is truly a puzzle how these creatures became so deceivably cunning and how they learned to hunt in packs, but these attributes have rightly earn them the name of Wolf Drakes.

Their spit of boiling mucus, hot enough to melt some light metals, is often enough the first and the last thing their victims see.

These gigantic lizards are also armed with teeth and claws, that can easily pierce across thick scales and fur. The Jungle Wardens have a stretch relationship with all creatures in the jungle, and that is how they managed to tame the untamable. They have trained these swamp stalkers to help them hunt, fight, and protect what is most precious to them. Despite being so bulky, they can move as fast as a hunting wolf.

One thing is for sure! If for some reason you happen to see one! It’s because the pack is already stalking you!

This kit includes 1 Wolf Drake model. The model is made of high-quality resin, it is a multi-part set, it includes a 60 x 35 mm oval base. The model comes disassembled and unpainted, tools for assembling are not included.

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